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"Bout it, Bout it"
Los Angeles

Og favorite color is pink

Currently id say black idk


Lol he’s on my keek


Thank you :) I think so too


What new album ?!?!?!

I’m excited for anything she does


My friend just gave it to me ! Lol.
s/o to my nigga dre


Love is what you make it.


Girl mine is usually 22in . Go long or go home. Lol

But i understand long hair is scary cause you want if to look natural and it will !

The first couple of Dayze will take getting use to but after that you’ll love it and want longer ! Trust me ahaha


I have them too. But I haven’t done anything about it. Just ask her I’m sure there are cremes


We struggle trying to balance everything in our lives.

But we benefit because we are good at understanding all different opinions and we can reason with people.

I personally struggle with investing my time into everyone else and not so much into myself and the things I have to do .

Being a libra is awesome though challenging